Me whenever i try not to swear.

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plung-e replied to your post: anonymous said:now i know what u …

When they first started they were kinda cool. But now they’re just rather erugh


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Alex Turner l Paris - Le Zenith de Paris l 04.02.2012  ©

Alex Turner l Paris - Le Zenith de Paris l 04.02.2012  ©

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Anonymous asked: now i know what u meant with the vamps is a pop band and they are like any other pop band :/

yeah, they should really take “indie” out of their genre bc they are everything else but “indie”..




there are 13 yr olds on this website who are genuinely like “YAAAAS BENEDICT PUT UR DICK IN ME MAKE ME UR CUMBERBITCH AND CUMBERCUM ON MY FAAAACE” like im so worried about them

Oh like you weren’t the same way when you were 13?

literally no i never wanted to fuck a 1000 year old alien even at 13

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"I need you" 
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